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I live in Indiana. I was on vacation in Florida and went to the emergency room. I was seen by nurse and doctor. I was there for 1 hour. I was given eye drops and a script for antibiotic for throat infection. I have insurance. I have received statement from insurance co. Bill from doctor is $255. Bill (not yet received) from hospital totals $906 (this outlandish amt. ???) I called billing for doctor. Specialist said that I had to pay $20 month. I said I cannot afford this and I can pay $10. She said that if I do not pay $20 per month, I will be sent to collections. I thought if I was paying something, I would not be sent to collections. Who is right?

Thank you so much and I appreciate your time!

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Aug 31, 2010
medical debt collection
by: Gerri & Mary

I'm so sorry to hear you ended up with this terrible medical bill. Unfortunately, in many ERs, you must pay several hundred dollars just to walk through the door.

It's a common misconception that you can pay whatever you can afford to a medical provider and they can't send you to collections. That is generally not true.

On the other hand, if you CAN find a way to come up with the $20/month they are asking for, you can probably avoid the account going to collections (and possibly increasing), as well as avoid interest charges on the amount you owe.

If your insurance company is not paying any of this bill, then we would encourage you to try to negotiate with the medical provider to reduce the amount since they would've received less from the insurance company. They're not obligated to take a smaller amount, but it doesn't hurt for you to ask.

Whatever you do work out with them, make sure you get it in writing, even if it means you have to send them a certified letter restating your agreement you made over the phone. If you do agree to payments, be absolutely scrupulous about getting them there on time. we've heard from several consumers who were just a few days late with a medical bill and landed in collections.

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