Recurrent Collection

by Evelyn

I am being charged 2,500 by a local dealership who turned it over to collections. The collecting agents filed it on my report in feb. 2010. I saw on my credit report that it was due for deletion March 2016. They have re-filed and it's got a new date of jan.2, 2016. Is this legal? Btw, the 2,500 is for a check that I feel I was coerced to write (it did not clear)after the dealer let me take the car and promised to use my old car as a down payment. They never mentioned the car again.

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Jan 20, 2016
collections on credit reports

Evelyn - We discuss in detail how long collection accounts can remain on credit reports in our ebook which you can download here for free. The reporting time period is based on the original date of delinquency, and a collector can't extend that time period by "updating" it.

We'd suggest you read our chapter on credit reports and collection accounts. You can dispute it if it's wrong. If you still need help after that, you may want to contact a credit restoration specialist.

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