Recovery Law Group: 5 Things You Need to Know

Recovery Law Group is one of the nation’s biggest bankruptcy law firms, potentially surpassing even the footprint of UpRight Law. The firm is managed by Nicholas Wajda, and appears to be a breakout arm of Wajda Law Group. There has been a recent uptick in traffic surrounding Recovery Law, so we wanted to take a close look into the company! Is it reliable? Are they honest? Successful? Are their clients satisfied? Hopefully, this article will answer all those questions and more. Keep reading to learn more. 

1) What is Recovery Law Group?

The goal of Recovery Law Group is to match you with one of the attorneys in their network and assist you in filing for bankruptcy. When you are matched with your attorney, they will advise you on your best course of action and walk you through every step of bankruptcy. Recovery Law Group is a network of attorneys under one umbrella company. The attorneys are located throughout the continental United States and it appears as though you would be matched with an attorney in your area.

Recovery Law Group boasts on their website of being one of the most technologically advanced law groups in the nation — making it easier to work with them wherever you might be. They make claims of individualized representation and affordable payment plans with zero interest. Their website focuses on how they believe justice should be accessible and filing for bankruptcy should be a process in which you have a professional standing by your side.

Can I Do the Free Consultation In Person?

If you go to Recovery Law Group’s contact us page, you will have a spot to fill out your information to get in touch with an attorney. From what is mentioned on the website, it looks as though the free consultation would be done over the phone. The attorneys they partner with are also located around the United States, so where your attorney is located may determine whether or not you can meet with them in person. 

It never hurts to ask! If you sign up to call, if meeting in person is important to you, then ask if that is an available option. Remember, you are the one who is considering filing for bankruptcy. You should be the one to decide what you are most comfortable with. If that includes meeting with your potential attorney in person, make sure you vocalize that desire. 

What Are the Costs?

While no direct costs are listed on Recovery Law Group’s website, they do have a section on their website that claims they are dedicated to providing affordable and flexible payment plans to make sure their services are open to all. 

This doesn’t however, mean their services are cheap. Payment plans without interest can help you save money in the long run. But it does not mean that it still won’t be a sizeable chunk. In fact, Recovery Law Group has a few blogs on their site that states attorney fees can range from $1,500-5,000 depending on your case. 

The blog also says that attorney costs can vary from state to state. They listed out just a few states as an example, with the lowest cost coming from Michigan ($2,600) and the highest cost coming from Vrginia ($5,100). They do also list a few reason why your case may incur higher attorney fees. These reasons include: if you are coming into the bankruptcy process with a lawsuit, if you are attempting to discharge non-releasable debt like student loans, your house is worth less than what you owe, or you are a sole proprietor attempting to file for Chapter 13. These are just a few of the factors that could bump your cost. 

One thing that I think is important to realize: It appears from many different reviews that the payment plan they set you up on precludes their services. This means that, after determining what services you will require, Recovery Law Group then draws up your total cost. After this, you will be set up on a zero interest payment plan. This DOES NOT begin your services. In fact, it appears as though you will have to completely payoff your plan BEFORE anyone from Recovery Law Group begins working on your case. This is not 100% verified, however, many reviews (both positive and negative) recounted the process stated above.

Recovery Law Group Reviews 

Recovery Law Group has mostly good reviews. Typically, debt relief companies and attorney networks tend to have their fair share of reviews that are very negative, bringing down their total ratings. However, on the whole, most reviewers seem to be well pleased with the services they received from Recovery Law Group. 

When going through reviews, it’s important to consider a few things. First of all, make sure to read the content and try to determine WHEN the review was written. Do they only mention a discovery phone call where they were promised thousands of dollars in debt relief? Well then of course they left a glowing review. Instead, look for reviews that recount the process start to finish, or at least make it clear that they have been working with the company for more than a few days. 

Also try to discover WHY the reviewer felt led to leave the review. Some review platforms denote when the company has reached out to an individual asking for a review. Sometimes companies even offer perks, rewards, or discounts for leaving good reviews. Again, make sure you take in the content of the review as well as the rating, otherwise you may be trusting someone who just wanted a discount on their service.

Finally, make sure you review a wide range of platforms. Open source review platforms, like Google or Facebook, do not police the reviews left and don’t require verification. This means that the reviews on the sites may not be from people who actually worked with the company. 

With that being said, we’ve pulled reviews from a wide range of platforms. Take a look at how Recovery Law Group was rated and dec

Google Reviews

Recovery Law Group’s rating on Google Reviews is a 4.9 out of 5 stars. This is really impressive for a debt relief/bankruptcy attorney network. The company has 770 reviews. Only 15 of those are 1-star. After going through the 1-star reviews, it seems as though many of the complaints were either about things Recovery Law Group can’t change ( namely the requirements of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy) or feeling as though the reviewer had wasted time with a service that wouldn’t work out for them. 

There was one reviewer who claimed they had done everything requested of them, had paid everything they owed, and still didn’t have any results. I’d like to point out at this time that Recovery Law Group is very responsive and thorough with their negative reviews. Every review I went through had a detailed response that gave an answer or a solution. In this case, Recovery Law Group apologized that the process was not going as fast as the reviewer would prefer, but that they were having to work within their legal abilities to have the case resolved. 

Recovery Law Group's positive reviews, on the other hand, are glowing. Reviewers recount initial feelings of nervousness being put at ease after just one consultation with their attorney. There are also some in-depth reviews that go through their entire bankruptcy process. We would definitely recommend reading through some of these if you want a detailed look at what you can expect. 

Yelp Reviews

For the Yelp Reviews, we had to go to Wajda Group, which seems as though it is a branch of the Recovery Law Group. The pool of reviews is rather small, as there are only 48 client reviews. However, the reviews themself are worth looking over. Yelp has rated Wajda Group, a brank of Recovery Law, at a 4.5 out of 5

Similar to the Google Reviews, most negative reviews are simply over the process and not necessarily with the group itself. There was, however, one reviewer who complained that Nick Wajda, the namesake of the branch and the founder of Recovery Law Group, was incredibly rude with him — Wajda’s actions were reported as hanging up on the reviewer, stating he didn’t have time to talk, and overall condescending attitude. 

These negative reviews are pretty well offset by the reviews that praise Recovery Law Group. As before, the positive reviews state that the company did exactly what they needed it to do and took the stress out of filing for bankruptcy. 

Facebook Reviews

As always, Facebook reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. And in this case, with such a small amount of ratings, it doesn’t tell us much. They have a 4.2 out of 5-stars, and there are no reviews left behind, just that one average rating. 

Recovery Law Group BBB

Again, for Recovery Law Group’s BBB page, we are specifically looking at the Wajda Law branch. They have a pretty excellent rating of 4.83 out of 5-stars. There is a shockingly low amount of complaints in the past year — only 2! The one listed recounted a difficult time getting in contact, leading to a lapse in protection. Wajda Law Group did respond with an answer and request for more information on the issue. 

The vast majority of written reviews are 5-star, with a few 1-star reviews sprinkled in. However, after reading through the 1-star reviews, most of the time the issue is the process is taking longer than the reviewer may have assumed it would take. Also, Wajda Law seems very intentional in responding to reviewers who are upset. 

Who Will You Work with If You Hire Recovery Law Group?

Recovery Law Group has attorneys throughout the United States. When you begin working with Recovery Law Group, they will determine what your needs are, where you are located, and who your best attorney match would be. You will then be paired up with an attorney or law office to begin processing your case. 

Recovery Law Group has their attorneys and partners listed directly on their website, so you can see the people you could potentially be working with.

Bankruptcy Alternatives

If you aren’t sure that bankruptcy is right for you, don’t worry! There are always other options you can consider. Here are just a few:

Debt Consolidation

You may qualify for a debt consolidation program, where you can combine all of your debt payments into one, easy-to-take care payment. Be wary, however, of businesses that try to sell Debt Consolidation Loans. These are much different than consolidation programs and often have sky-high interest rates. 

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is a process in which you work with a third party who negotiates with your creditors on your behalf to reach a lowered debt fulfillment payment. There is risk and consequence involved with this option — namely, the risk of being sued by creditors and the credit report consequences that will last for 7-10 years. However, there is a chance that you could have up to 50% of your debt forgiven. 

Debt Management

If you aren’t at the point of being totally overwhelmed by your debt, but know that you are headed in that direction, debt management may be a good option for you. Working with a company that offers debt management can help you get on top of your finances before they get on top of you. The goal of debt management is to get to a point where you can fully maintain your debt payments each month without sacrificing your living expenses. Talk to a debt management counselor if you think this option could be right for you. 


In all, Recovery Law Group has one of the highest overall ratings we’ve seen for a debt relief company specializing in bankruptcy filings. The law office matches you with an attorney to take care of your case, offers payment plans that are flexible, and can help take the stress out of filing. Many of the negative reviews are centered around a misunderstanding of how long the process of filing for bankruptcy can take, and the good reviews are glowing. 

Compared to some of the other businesses we have found that offer debt relief help, Recovery Law Group seems legit. If you’d like to talk more about your options, we’d love to help. 

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