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I have 3 default judgments against me due to being unemployed. If I die, (The mortgage is solely in my name and the bank note. Does my husband have to pay those off to inherit my home/his home? I had the property before we where married and I'm afraid if I die before I can pay the judgments he will have no where to live and my six year old son.

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Martha Newell

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Apr 30, 2010
Default judgments and real property
by: Mary

Your question really does not relate to debt collection, so it is somewhat outside my area of expertise, but here is my best advice.

First, I would consult with an estate planning attorney about your situation and what your options are. Many estate planning attorneys will give you an initial appointment for free. Don't hesitate to ask if your first appointment will be free when you call to make an appointment.

Second, I would schedule a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney. The attorney can give you advise about how to deal with your financial situation and may suggest that your best option is to file for bankruptcy.

Hope this advise gives you some direction in regards to your next steps. I think you will have a much clearer picture of your situation and what to do about it if you do what I am suggesting. Good luck!

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