Questionable debt summons

by becky
(Mps.,MN USA)

I received a summons from a collection agency saying I owed x am't of dollars + interest with an acc't ending in xxxx. I called my bank because I did not recognize the debt. The bank says they do not have a record of the account and the collection agency named them as the original owner. ???

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You should definitely be concerned. It is possible your information is mixed up with that of someone else. But the last thing you want is to end up with a judgment against your for a debt that isn't even yours!

If you have been served with a summons and complaint for the debt then we recommend you immediately talk with a consumer law attorney who can assist you with the next steps. If you fail to respond as required, the collection agency may get a default judgment against you and that can create additional problems.

Hopefully the attorney can help you straighten this out with a minimum of time, effort or expense on your part. The good thing is that if the collector has broken the law in its attempts to collect from you it may be liable for the attorney's fees under the FDCPA.

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