Providing Personal Information

by Doug
(Gilbert, Arizona)

I know that there is certain personal information that I do not have to provide to debt collectors, but do I have to give them my salary and living expenses to negotiate a payment plan? They are saying they can not move forward and offer a payment plan with out me divulging this information. I feel that this is just a means for them to attempt to ask for more than I am able to pay.

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Jun 30, 2009
Debt collectors and personal information
by: Gerri

I tend to agree with you. When it comes to dealing with debt collectors, it can be risky to provide too much personal information. I would encourage you to stand firm and tell them that you are not willing to provide that information but you are willing to discuss a payment arrangement or pay off (whichever you are able to do).

Jul 16, 2009
Personal Information
by: Doug

When asked for salary information.....I did stand firm. I went through 4 different people,4 hung up on me and said I was not working with them.

Finally, the 4th called me and set up the payment plan I offered to the to all of them, with ut giving any other information than...I am sure if I were to go to court, the judge would see that they were the ones that were not cooperating.

Standing firm works!!

Jul 17, 2009
Benefit of persistence
by: Gerri

Great job Doug! Congratulations!

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