Property lien ?

by Nicholas

Purchasing a new home, but recently contacted by a credit union for a car loan debt in 2001. Wondering what the statue of limitations are in Ohio? Also, could they put a lien on my home if the debt is in my name and was before I married, or even at all?

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Mar 17, 2011
property lien for old debt

According to our sources, the statute of limitations for some debts in Ohio is fifteen years. That's longer than in most other states. (We are not attorneys, so please don't take this as the final word.)

However, it does sound like this debt is probably too old to appear on your credit reports - unless the credit union decides to take you to court and sue you. If they are successful, a judgment would appear on your credit report.

As for whether the credit union can get a lien on your property, that depends on the remedies available to judgment creditors in your state.

We would recommend that you go ahead and contact a consumer law attorney to find out what the credit union can and cannot do at this point to collect from you. A bankruptcy attorney can answer those questions for you as well.

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