Pre-Trial Statement of Proof

by Robert

I received a summons from Equable Ascent Financial on July 13 and I'll be going to arbitration on Oct. 25 2012. Been through a lot of legal wrangling so far.

I was wondering if you could spell out what a good pre-trial statement of proof looks like and how would I go about filling it out. Any links here or on another site?

2nd, today Sept. 17 I received a Motion To Enlarge Time For Admissions. The Plaintiff is asking for a November 3 deadline instead of the original October 2 deadline. This puts his admissions past the arbitration deadline of Oct. 25.

Would a Motion in Limine suffice in this instance or can I go about filing a Motion To Strike Enlarge Time for Admissions because the Plaintiff will be past the arbitration time?


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We're sorry but we are not attorneys and can't offer this kind of advice. Perhaps one of our readers who is an attorney would like to weigh in...

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