Power of Attorney Incurred Debt

by Sally

The former Power of Attorney for my grandfater incurred about 30,000 in debt on three different credit cards. My grandfather is mentally diabled and could not have made these purchases. Who is liable for the debt?

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Nov 04, 2011
Power of Attorney Incurred Debt
by: Debtcollectionanswers.com.

So sorry to learn about your grandfather's situation. However, I am afraid that I cannot answer your question because you really need to speak with an attorney and I am not one. Also, I have not seen your grandfather's power of attorney document. Is it possible that the document gave the person he designated as his power of attorney the legal right to incur debt on his behalf?

To help you sort out the situation I would begin by contacting an estate planning attorney in the state where your grandfather resides. If your grandfather has such an attorney, schedule an appointment with him or her. Bring to the meeting a copy of your grandfather's power of attorney document as well any evidence you have that helps prove what you say the person who used to have power of attorney for your grandfather did. After looking at everything, the attorney will be able to advise you of any next steps you may need to take to address the situation on your grandfather's behalf, including possibly meeting with a different kind of attorney.

Your initial meeting with the estate planning attorney may or may not be free but when you call to schedule an appointment you can ask how much you will be charged for an initial meeting.

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