Power Company Wants Me To Pay Old Bill in My Name

by Josh
(Hadley, MA, USA)

I had a gas bill under my name over 12 years ago. I moved out of the residence in which I was receiving the gas service but my former roommate and whomever took over my lease never transferred it into their name and racked up over $700 in unpaid gas bills! I am now 12 years older and wiser and am trying to start service in the same town but the company says I have to pay the bill in full before I open up a new account...how do I fix this? I don't have $700 laying around and I have no way of tracking down the ones responsible!

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Sep 10, 2011
Power Company Wants Me To Pay Old Bill in My Name
by: Debtcollectionanswers.com.t

Sorry to learn about your situation, Josh. Unfortunately however, I do not have an easy answer for you. The power company is entitled to get payment on the old bill in your name even if you did not run up the charges on it and it is entitled to refuse you new service until you clear up the debt.

One thought is to explain why there is a balance in your name and ask if you could get new service if you sign a written agreement to pay off the $700 in monthly installments rather than in a lump sum given that you don't have an extra $700. If they consent to this arrangement however, do not agree to monthly installments that you are not 100% sure you can afford and keep in mind that you will have to keep up with your current power bills at the same time. If you default on your agreement it's possible that the agreement will give the utility the right to turn off your power.

If the power company is adamant about not giving you new service until you pay off your old bill in full, there really is not much you can do other than get it paid one way or another. Perhaps you can work extra hours at your current job or get an extra job to pay the bill. Good luck resolving your problem.

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