Post Petition in a Debtor's Bankrupcy

by JP

IS THERE A TIME LIMIT for a creditor to be able to file post petition CLAIMS on debtors bankrupcy

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May 11, 2011
Post Petition in a Debtor's Bankruptcy

I am not a bankruptcy attorney, JP, so I cannot answer your question. If you worked with an attorney when you filed for bankruptcy, I recommend that you contact the attorney about your question. Also, it's possible that the Clerk with the court where you filed your bankruptcy will be able to answer your question. Good luck getting the information you need.

May 13, 2011
wrong answer
by: Anonymous

i did not file ck 7 to 13. the debtor has. being a lender and having unsecured service-utilities, what the statue of limitations on post bk filings by creditor in Georgia.

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