Portfolio Recovery Assoc Sued by Missouri Attorney General

Portfolio Recovery Associates has been sued by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster. The complaint alleges that the companies repeatedly used unfair and deceptive practices to collect debts in violation of Missouri state law. According to the petition, these violations included:

  • Purchasing debts discharged in bankruptcy, with the intention of attempting collections;
  • Attempting to collect debts from the wrong alleged debtor, and refusing to stop collection efforts when the consumer denies owing on the account;
  • Attempting to collect debts that are well beyond the relevant statute of limitations (note, these are often called “time-barred debts”;
  • Inducing consumers to pay on accounts that are already paid or discharged in bankruptcy;
  • Threatening actions that cannot be taken, such as garnishment of social security;
  • Refusing to identify themselves or the account being collected and continuing collection efforts;
  • Refusing to provide proof of the debt when requested to do so by consumers, and continuing collection efforts;
  • Repeatedly calling consumers after notification that the alleged debtor is not at that number or residing at that location;
  • Repeatedly calling consumers' employers after being advised to cease the practice;
  • Submitting false credit reports, and refusals to remove the reports after notice;
  • Assessing interest and fees that are not owed;
  • Filing lawsuits against consumers without documentation to support the case; and
  • Filing false or misleading affidavits in Missouri courts, and, 
  • Violating state law in their attempts to collect debts.

The company (which you may also see referred to as "portfolio recovery services") will have the opportunity to respond to this suit, and we will post any public response we find.

In the meantime, we'll reiterate how important it is that you know your rights when dealing with collection agencies. Feel free to use our free debt collection worksheet to keep track of your conversations with collection agencies.

And share your complaint about Portfolio Recovery Assoc or any other collection agency with us.

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