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by A. Nony

I requested proof of debt from this company back in the first quarter of 2009. I gave them 30 days to provide proof of the debt, including all payments made, original documentation, and other proving documentation. They did not provide this and are still continuing to report on my credit. I have informed all major credit reporting agencies of this. They investigated the matter, and Portfolio Recovery went ahead and reported it again, as if it is valid. I cannot even describe how much frustration and anger this has caused me. This has caused CONSIDERABLE damage to me and my financial future. I am unable to gain financing for a business venture because of this. I would love to be part of a class action lawsuit against this unscrupulous company, or just sue them period. I have been looking for an attorney or other agency that is up to the task. Please let me know by responding here with your info, thanks.

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Apr 17, 2010
taking a debt collector to court
by: Anonymous

You don't necessarily need to talk with attorney about a class action lawsuit. The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act may be sufficient to protect your rights if you sue the debt collector yourself.

If it seems like the debt collector is breaking the law, talk with a consumer law attorney. Find out how to get free legal advice from an attorney here.

If you do have a good case against the collection agency, you may be entitled to damages and attorney fees.

Do let us know what happens here.

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