Phony debt collectors with heavy Indian accents

by Dorothy

I receive weekly, seven days a week calls from people claiming to be lawyers informing me that I have defaulted on a payday loan (I have not).

They call my house as well as my place of employment. This week they are using call back number 510-544-0202. They say that either I or my lawyer should call them back ASAP or else they can only "wish me luck." How do I stop these people from calling me all day every day at home and at work?

I have filed a complaint with the FTC and I have also called my local police department and filed a complaint, but nothing happens. I have even asked my phone company to block any calls that come in unknown, but they still manage to get through. I am at the end of my rope. What can I do to stop these horrible people?

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Mar 17, 2011
payday loan debt collection scam


Unfortunately you have likely fallen victim to the payday loan scam that has been reported all over the country. You can read more information about this scam and in this article by Jennifer Waters about
how to spot debt collection scams.

Unfortunately, we don't have an easy answer for you. Since these folks operate outside the U.S., they don't care if they break our federal laws. The best advice we can give you is to tell them:

1. You know it's a scam and let them know you have notified the authorities and
2. That they will never get a dime from you.

One person said they told them they were tape recording the call to send to the FBI and that seemed to do the trick, but we can't guarantee it.

If you do find a way to stop them, please let us know!

Mar 18, 2011
"Officer Brown:
by: Anonymous

I got calls from the same guy...claiming to be "officer brown". Same heavy accent..claiming papers were filed under my name and ssn at the local courthouse and unless i called him back that day he could only wish me luck when the authorities came for me. I got this call for like weeks on end. He claimed he was a "legal officer" in new york with enforcement powers (I live in CT). When i got his supervisor on the phone..he claimed to be in California then Arizona, and couldn't explain the caller ID number saying he was in NEvada. Gotta be a scam. I ignored him and the calls stopped.

Apr 22, 2011
back office legal department
by: melissa

I had the people with the indian accent call my work twice a day for two days, saying they are attorney's, do I have an attorney? they are attempting to collect payment on a loan I received, I have three criminal charges on me, I was a upset and a little worried, I did not remember taking a loan, I had inquired about a payday loan but didn 't think I had received anything without my knowing it, I told the rude "attorney" from Back Office Legal Department I would call her back I was at work, they gave me 760-875-4218, I called my bank and told them about it and they said give them no info it sounds like a scam.

I really got ticked then, they call me at work, threaten me, tell me not to "interrupt" them while they are speaking, sooo mad!!I pulled up back office legal department online and ton of stuff about people being scammed, so I called them back and told them I reported them to the ftc fbi and asked how many people they have scammed and the female with the indian accent told me "over a million bitch!" just like that! blunt, rude! So I started calling them and harrassing them, gave their number to my mom, she told them the fbi are on the way, they won t even answer their phone when they see my number come up (I know they have called id) I don't even bother blocking my number, or if they do answer and I ask to speak with someone they ask for my name and they put me on hold for a bit and hang up on me, they no longer call me and want nothing to do with me.

It is quite funny now, just scare them, let them know you are on to them, that you reported them, when I get bored I still call them and tell them I can't wait for the day they all get busted, they are still answering at that number too, so who ever reads this can give them a call for me and mess with them, maybe if we make their lives a living hell maybe someday the will go away ( i doubt it though)!

May 04, 2011
angry for justice
by: Pat

Not Happy to be here , and I guess that if I'm here is because I'm going through the same thing you guys are, I got a call from a fake attorney who scared me badly, he requested I paid a loan for $1500 on the following day or else I would be arrested, good thing I did not have the money at the time, but told him that in a month I was getting my taxes and my vacations paid that I would pay them then if we could make a payment plan till next month and we did, he asked for $500 which was to much so we settled in $250 next day, when I got home I checked all my bills and everything was up to date, I had written down the attorneys info so I went online and checked in the California Bar assc and he was not listed , right there it sounded fishy , next day I called them and told him I needed more info before I would pay him a dime and asked him for his Bar assc # he went crazy, yelling and telling me I had promised and bla bla bla and them he threaten me , after that I began getting calls at work, calls at my cell 3 to 4 times a day, always changing # and state, so one day I just went of and told them about my research and that they should stop calling and just take me to court, more threats, one day they called me and they said they knew where I live and to wait for a suprise, that something bad will happen and he ended the call by saying may God bless you, now I found out that a co-worker is going through the same thing as me, we are planning on going to the FBI, it would be great if more people would join us at least through here on this site , filing a complaint telling what each one of you is going through, my co-worker and I think that we should be protected by some law , we are very angry and want some kind of pay back, this is un justified , we are citizens of a great and free country .Please help us so together we can make something out of this.
Thank you

Jun 21, 2011
Dealing with the phony debt collectors
by: Anonymous

It is so hard dealing with these people. They have called everybody I know telling them that I am wrtiting bad checks. The person that is doing this calls herself Niki Adams - 866-397-6646. She has called people I know that live in a different state and told me that I am passing bad checks. She has called my ex-husband and told him that I did not show up at court for passing bad checks. I called her back and told her that instead of threatening me that you are going to take me to court - just take me to court. I would be glad to tell the judge about the harassment.

My job has been called numerous times. I told my employer that I am a victim of identity theft, and they understood. Nevertheless, these people have to be stopped. They are totally out of control. They are making my life a pure hell. I am going to seek legal advice from an attorney. There has to be something we can do to stop them.

Sep 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

i cussed them out that did it for me aa

Jan 08, 2015
Wishes me luck
by: Anonymous

Got this type of call on home phone voicemail. They called 3 times in one day. It was very hard to understand (accent sounded Scottish). The only parts I WAS able to understand were "officer so and so" and "You or your attorney call us back. If you don't find time I wish you luck". It was 4am when I listened to the message and became panicked that I was in some kind of legal trouble. I tried to call the number back (at 4am) and kept getting a busy signal. I did several reverse phone number searches and kept getting conflicting results. The funny thing is I have several people in my household and the caller didn't even say who they were calling for. The multiple messages sounded exactly the same (it was a recording). Thank god I Googled "misleading debt collector tactics" which led me to this page. When I seen others say that the caller "wished them luck" I knew this experience was the same as theirs. Real cops don't tend to "wish you luck" if you don't call back.

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Exactly! Good you didn't fall on it.

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