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by john doe

I had a legitimate debt that a collector has sued me over. When we recieved the paperwork from abc financial it had all of our information plus someone elses information mixed in with ours. It had name,address, partial social,debt they owed and who they owed it to. Do i have any negotiating power with this document they accidentally sent? It cleary stated the name of the collector-attourneys office at the bottom...Just curious if i can use this as a negotiating tool or to see if they broke some seroius laws...Thanks

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Aug 24, 2012
Personal Information

If you owe the money, then even though the paperwork has some incorrect information on it, I don't think it gives you any grounds for negotiation. It would be one thing if the collector had sued you for a debt you don't owe, but that does not appear to be the case and the incorrect information is probably the result of a computer snafu. From what you tell me, I don't not believe the company has broken a law.

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