by Ann
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

I am currently making $250.00/month payments to a hospital for a large bill I incurred after a double brain surgery for an aneurysm. I am fine and back to work and have been after a short recovery period. My question is will I have to continue making these payments forever until I die, or is there a statute of limitation when this debt will expire? I live in Oklahoma. I am 65.

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Dec 27, 2011

So glad that you are on the mend medically. As for your question regarding your medical debt, you are legally obligated to pay all of the money that you owe to the hospital as a result of your stay there and the statute of limitations (SOL) has no effect on that obligation. What the SOL applies to is the period of time during which the hospital is entitled to sue you for the money that you owe.

Once the SOL on your debt is up, if the hospital sues for the money, you can use the fact that the SOL has expired as a legal defense. However, you would still owe the money and the hospital could still try to collect from you, although without the ability to sue you, it's collection options would be very limited.

Unfortunately, there are many people in your same situation and there is no easy answer to your problem. There are some options you may want to explore to resolve your debt however, medical debt collection. Good luck!

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