Payment refused

by Sandra N
(Phoenix, AZ )

My daughter owes the hospital $150.00 she has requested to make 2 payments on this to pay it off and the hospital refused the payment stating they will only do payment in full is this legal?

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Sep 23, 2010
Payment on Debt Refused
by: Mary

There is no law requiring the hospital to accept the payment schedule offered by your daughter. However if I were your daughter I would try again. She should put her offer in writing and send it to the person at the hospital who is in charge of its accounts receivable. (Tell your daughter to make a copy of her letter for her files.)

In her letter, your daughter should explain that she cannot afford to pay the full $150 in a lump sum (assuming that is true) and that instead, she would like to pay what she owes in two payments of $75. Her letter should be specific about when she will make each of the payments.

If the hospital denies your daughter's request for a second time, I suggest that she call the hospital to learn why and to find out what kind of payment plan it would accept. It seems to me that if your daughter is willing to pay what she owes, the hospital should be willing to work with her.

I hope this advice is helpful.

Mar 16, 2015
payment refused buy hosiptal
by: Gina

My husband has a balance from having hip surgery of $1,565 the insurance company paid for the operation however we could only afford to pay $50 per month towards it so the hospital won't accept it they sent it to collections,and call constantly they say they will take it to the next step which is a judgement or lein can they do this.

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It's an unfortunate reality of our health care system that even if you have insurance you can wind up with large bills and have your credit wrecked despite your attempts to do the right thing. The provider is not required to accept what you can afford in payments, and if it does to collections you could wind up being sued.

Still you do have some rights which are described in our ebook. You can download it here.

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