Payment Refused - Do I Still Have to Pay?

by Bruce
(Mesa, AZ 85201)

Q: If you owe a debt and offer to pay the debt and the payment is refused, do you still owe the debt?

Give me the ARS section governing this answer.

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Mar 08, 2016
refused payment

As much as we'd like to offer you a specific answer, we're not experts on the details of all fifty state's statutes that may cover collection accounts. In addition to state and federal law, many times these issues will be decided by case law.

Having said that, generally debt collectors are not obligated to accept any amount you offer to pay. We assume that's what happened in your case; that you offered an amount they found to be insufficient. At the same time, if you offered to pay what you could afford and they refused it, a judge may not look favorably upon their action if they take you to court. You might want to follow up in writing (certified mail) with your offer so you have documentation of what happened. Keep in mind that does not prevent them from taking legal action or selling your account to another collection agency.

We'd also encourage you to read our free ebook so you understand all your options when dealing with this collector.

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