Payment Plans for Medical Bills

by Laticia
(DeLand Florida)

I have been making $50.00 payments for one of many of my medical bills and they have been cashing the checks I send each month, but now they are asking me to make payments but paid in full within 6 months. The remainder on the bill is $1299.00. I can't afford $200.00 per month.

I was under the impression that making payments on an account was sufficient. Question is....

Is there a law that protects my rights?

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There is no federal law that allows you to pay what you can afford on a bill, and we aren't aware of any state laws that would allow that either.

You have a couple of choices at this point:

1. Try to find some additional income to pay off this bill and put it behind you. We have no idea whether that's realistic for you to get a second job or try to find some way to bring in more money.

2. Reach out to someone higher up at the hospital to try to either get the bill adjusted or try to work out a payment arrangement you can afford. The average hospital billing clerk is handling hundreds of accounts and you may just be caught up in the system. See if you can make an appointment to come in and show them why you can't pay more than you are paying now.

You may also want to check out Their medical billing experts will review your hospital bills for free to see if you may have been overcharged.

Finally, we recommend you also read our pages on
medical debt collection for more information.

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