Payment in Full of an IOU Refused

by Kimi
(Casper Wyoming, Natrona County)

I have attempted 3xs to repay a $690 IOU in full.. the person refused all times and even called police w/ false report, and had me tresspassed off property, & now they are trying to take me to small claims court... is it legal for them to refuse payment in full and then try to sue me? thank you.

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May 09, 2011
Payment in Full of an IOU Refused

Sounds like there is some bad blood between you and the person to whom you owe the money. Rather than trying to repay your debt in person, I recommend that you send the person a bank certified check (not a personal check and not cash) for the money you owe via certified mail, with a return receipt requested. Include a letter with your payment stating that the check is payment in full for your debt and make a copy of the letter for your files. Keep the receipt from the post office for the cost of the mailing the certified letter and hold on to whatever proof of purchase you get from the bank in exchange for the certified check.

If the person to whom you owe the money refuses to accept the certified letter and takes you to court, your letter and the receipts will provide the judge with proof that you made a good faith effort to pay your debt. Good luck!

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