Paying medical bills and NCO is demanding more than I can pay,

by Teresa
(Brooksville,Fl. USA)

I have been paying my bills and the hospital turned it over to collections, I sent 50.00 and they called and said we didn't agree to this you need to send more. They cashed my check so I figured if they didn't agree why cash the check. Now they are constantly calling and I don't know what else to doother than not answer.. What is my recourse here?

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The collection agency isn't required to accept what you can afford. If you truly can't pay anymore than $50 a month, and they won't accept you, then we would recommend that you first get a a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney to find out what your options are for dealing with this debt.

If you find out that you are judgment proof then you may want to go ahead and send the collection agency a cease contact letter instructing them to stop calling you. If you can confirm with the attorney that there is nothing for them to go after, you may be able to get them to leave you alone until you can come up with money to resolve the debt.

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