Paying for a car and don't know how much I need to pay.

by Dana

I verbally agreed to purchase a car in 2008 from my ex-husbands parents and have been waiting for a contract and payoff since then. I have requested the contract and several times verbally and by e-mail and by mail with no response. I have been paying monthly since March of 2008 for this used car and I sent a letter to my ex-inlaws over 4 months ago that I will not continue to pay until I know how much I am paying and I would like to receive a agreed upon contract within 30 days. Still nothing, I guess they could be stinkers if they want and take the car back even tho I have put alot of $$ into this car with repair and paid on it monthly do I have any recorse? I would really like to know. Thanks

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Nov 06, 2010
Need contract for car I am paying on
by: Mary

It's never a good idea to begin paying for something without having a written agreement in hand that spells out the terms of your transaction, even if you know the people you are dealing with.

Given that you have tried numerous times to contact your former in-laws and they have not responded to you, I suggest that you contact a consumer law attorney in your area and ask the attorney for advice. It may be that the attorney will suggest sending your ex-inlaws a letter on his/her law firm letterhead asking for a contract. The attorney should also request an accounting from them of the payments you have made to date and the outstanding balance that you owe so you can be sure that your records and theirs agree. Hiring an attorney to write this letter for you should not cost a lot and often a letter from an attorney will get quick action.

Good luck!

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