payday loans and judgment

by Lori

I took out a payday loan with Alpine Loan, located in Idaho and Utah. I have tried to make a payment with them regarding my loan but when I asked for the name of the person I was talking to and also for the license that they could do loans in Idaho I was told I did not need to know and then she told me I was rude and hung up on me.

I have many, many texts telling me that I will be sued and the amount of money I could pay would be unacceptable to them. So they refused payment and also were not willing to work with me. Now I have signed up with a company to help with payday loans and this company Alpine Loans has file a judgement in court against me. What can do? I do not want wage garnishment and I do want to pay my loan off.

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Lori - If you cannot pay this loan and you have a judgment against you, then you need to talk with a bankruptcy attorney. The attorney can tell you what they can and cannot do to collect the judgment from you and should help you understand your options in this situation.

Remember unpaid judgments can often be collected for many years. So whether or not you want to deal with it, it's important you find some way to resolve it or you may be dealing with it for many years to come.

Call a bankruptcy attorney now toll-free at (877) 248-2510.

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