PayDay Fake Loan Collectors Scam

by Thomas
(NY, NY)

I recently receive calls from such nefarious scammers. They stated they were going to open a warrant out for my arrest, and was going to call my employer, and have them arrested too. I was under extreme pressure from their highly belligerent behavior over the phone. They all had foreign accents, with American names. Names like David Parker, Dominick Turnado stating they are working for some Lawyer/Collection Agency. The phone #'s they called from was 518 621 2694, 714 441 8691, these are fake #'s that pop up on your caller ID. If you dial these #'s they are always busy. They want all your vital information, to confirm your identity. They ask you to write a letter of authorization and fax it to them. FAX # 206 350 1811. They debit your account with a fake Payee name like ACLS MCDONOUGH GA or ACLS GA. They make it seem like you got to pay back a loan that never existed on a high interest rate. Loan for $350 has to be paid back with payment of $797.00. No such thing in the world legally exists. 877 624 2246 is a fake 800# they use also. This scam just occurred to me within this week. I am ready to change my bank account and debit card to protect my funds and my identity. What can we do to protect ourselves and bring this band of scammers to justice for their highly fraudulent practices... These scammers have no soul, and act like it too.

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Nov 25, 2011
PayDay Fake Loan Collectors Scam

The most important thing people can do to protect themselves from the payday loans scam you write about is to NOT give the individuals who are involved in the scam any of their personal or financial information. Although the threats of these scammers can be scary and they may sound convincing because they often have personal information about the people they call, it's important to know that the so called collectors are not legit and that the scammers are usually located outside the US and do not have the ability to act on their threats. Furthermore, despite their threats, consumers will not be arrested and thrown in jail if they don't pay a debt (although they may be arrested if they receive a summons to appear in court for a hearing related to a debt and don't show up or if they disobey a court order to pay a debt). The scammers are out to make money pure and simple by scaring people into sending them money. So, as long as consumers give into their demands the scam will continue.

If someone receives a call like the one you describe, they should ask for written information about the debt they supposedly owe, including the amount and to whom they owe it. Although the caller won't ever send the information, the request will signal to the caller that the consumer knows something about his or her legal rights and that fact may deter the caller from getting in touch again. The caller should also file a complaint about the caller with the Federal Trade Commission and with their state attorney general's office.

Thanks for helping visitors to this site aware of this scam.

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