Paragon way keeps calling me at least 5 times a day (including weekends). They are trying to collect on an old credit card debt that is more than the time barred in the state of Texas.

I didn't know about this time barred law, until after i had already told them i would send so much a month if they would just stop calling me.
Is there anyway to get out of this debt? Or, am i still liable since i have made a couple of payments in 2009?

Thank you!

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Oct 27, 2009
time-barred debt
by: Gerri

Unfortunately, when you pay a debt collector you may extend the statute of limitations. I say "may" because it will likely be a matter of state law, and you need to talk with an expert in your state who can advise.

We recommend you talk with a consumer law attorney. Find out how to get FREE or low cost legal advice about debt collection here.

In addition, I hope you are using our debt collection worksheet to keep a record of every call from the collection agency. Five calls in a day every day sounds like it could be excessive and harassing.

Download our free debt collection worksheet here.

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