Paid debt that I have no recollection of

by Aaron
(Tampa Fl USA)

I have been contacted numerous times by a debt collection agency, DRS. They even went one sep further to even intact my father in law, who has absolutely nothing to do with anything financially related to me. The agency says that I owed a debt from 1997 and the total had reached over 7000.00.

There was no way I could pay that and had no recall of the credit card company. They could not tell me anymore information other than it was a classic MasterCard account and it was ending in 7461. Feeling strong armed, I made arrangements to settle the debt and negotiated a 868.00 payment.

I have been skeptical of this debt owed and decided to obtain my credit report. This was not even on my report as a negative or derogatory account. I have recently applied for a new place to live and they ran my credit. They came back and said that my SSN has been flagged as it was showing the number as the person being deceased. The number was ending in 7461. He last four of my social are 7641.

There was a mistake on my part filling out the application but now have thought that the credit agency was contacting me as the person who may have had this debt with a number similar to mine and even from the same state.

What can I do to further research this and see if this was something I paid out of fear of having my credit further ruined.

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We really wish you had found our site and read our free information before you paid them a penny! Now it is going to be much more difficult for you to extricate yourself from this debt.

A debt that had no activity since 1997 would be outside the statute of limitations and would no longer be on your credit reports. So paying it does nothing to protect your credit. They can't even successfully sue you for a debt that old!

But the flip side is that making payments may have restarted the statute of limitations which means it may be possible that they can continue to pursue you for the debt.

Our best advice for you at this point is to talk with a consumer law attorney to see what your options are.

Get low-cost and FREE help with debt collection problems here.

We quite honestly don't know what their advice will be. It may be possible that the agency misrepresented the debt to you, which would be a violation of the FDCPA. Or you may have obligated yourself to the debt by making payments. Will you come back and comment and let us know what they say?

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