Paid bill prior to court, still sued

In Michigan i received a summons & complaint, in this there was no mention of a court date only that i had 21 days to answer in writing. within this time i paid the bill in full. and received no notice to appear in court or any further correspondence.

Last week i received a judgement for failure to appear. which included attorney fees, fines and interest. being that this bill was paid in full prior to the court date and the receipt shows a zero balance due. is the plaintiff attorney still entitled to the extra charges?

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We're not attorneys and can't give you legal advice, but something doesn't sound right here. For example, did the collection agency misrepresented the status of the debt when it continued with its lawsuit against you?

We suggest you go ahead and get legal advice from a consumer law attorney about this situation. You should be able to at least get a free consultation to find out if what they did was legal. In addition, we recommend you check your credit reports to see if the judgment is listed there. If it is, you may have additional complaints against this collection law firm.

We hope you can get this resolved as soon as possible. We'd be interested in knowing what happens.

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