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I live in the state of Washington. In 1999 I filed for divorce, in the decree of dissolution my now ex-husband was ordered to pay one finance company which he did not. The finance company has changed hands at least three times, when the first company contacted me I explained about the judgement and I never heard from them again.

When the second company called I explained the same again, they wanted me to send them a copy of the judgment so I did haven't heard from them either. Eleven years after the judgment I get a certified letter from a collection agency and they are garnishing my bank account.

When I contacted them they informed me that my only option is to pay them and then sue my ex-husband for the money. Since I still haven't received what my ex was ordered to pay and or return I highly doubt I will ever get compensated for this.

Is there anything I can do that is very inexpensive as I am barely making ends meet at this time?

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Oct 22, 2010
old debt and garnishment
by: Gerri

Yes, there is absolutely something you can do!

It sounds like this debt is well outside the statute of limitations for consumer debts in Washington. (According to my sources, it is 6 years for most types of consumer debts.)

If this debt is too old, you may well be able to fight back and the attorney may take your case with no fee to you, since the collector will have to pay the attorney's fees.

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Please let us know how this turns out for you.

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