outstanding balance - electric company

by jenise

With my permission,my kids father used my name to get electricity. He racked up an outstanding balance of a little over $1,000. I want to move to a town that contracted to this electric company. My question is will this still be in their records after 5 years?..and if so can they deny me electric? Mind you they are the only company we can go to. Thank you -Jenise

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Nov 30, 2010
Outstanding electric bill balance
by: Mary

I don't know how long the unpaid debt will remain in the records of your utility company, but in my experience, unpaid debts can remain in the records of a utility company for many years.

Unfortunately, since the debt is in your name you are legally obligated to pay it and if you don't, you are apt to have difficulty getting new service when you move. I suggest that you contact the utility company to set up a payment plan so you can clear up the debt. (Is the father of your children willing to help you make the payments on it?) If you move and the debt continues to be outstanding, the utility may require you to set up such a plan as a condition of service and the balance that you will have to pay off at that point will be greater than it is now because of past due fees.

If you ignore the unpaid utility balance, the fact that you've not paid it may show up in your credit files, which could make it difficult for you to obtain new credit at reasonable terms, rent a place to live, or even get a good job in some instances. It's also possible that if you do nothing about the debt, the utility will turn it over to a collection agency. Having to deal with a debt collector will only add to your problems.

Best of luck resolving your problem.

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