Our debt being assigned to our daughter

by Jim

Our now 19 year old daughter is being harassed by a collection agency to pay a dental bill that was incurred when she was 17.

We as her parents are telling them to contact us as we were responsible for the bill when she was a minor.

We never received any bills from the dentist office and believe it was due to the services being supplied during a time when we switched insurances.

I have offered to pay the dentist but they say we must now go thru the collection agency who have been extremely rude to myself and my daughter is there a law regarding this?

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

Debts against minors are typically not enforceable and/or may be voidable. Since you are willing to pay this debt, the collection agency should be willing to work with you.

You don't say what kind of rude behavior they are engaging in, but if they are breaking the law then your daughter could have a case against them for Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations.

Given the circumstances here, we would recommend you push hard for them to agree in writing not to report this debt to any credit reporting agency (under your name or hers) before you pay.

And if you believe the collection agency may be engaging in illegal collection tactics, get a
free consultation with a consumer law attorney.

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