Orthodontist Bill

by Laurie
(Salinas, CA, USA)

We are residents of CA. 3 years ago, my daughter saw an orthodontist in New York (where she attends school) for a checkup after having her wisdom teeth removed by our dentist in CA. We are having 2 problems:

1. The NY orthodontist failed to submit his bill to our insurance company for a year, and so our insurance refused to pay the bill.
2. The orthodontist sent the bill to a collection agency who is contacting my daughter for payment, not me, and stating that it is effecting HER credit, not mine.


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I am going to run the first question by one of the medical billing experts we consult. As for the second question - how old is your daughter?

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Oct 13, 2011
Orthodontist Bill (response 1)
by: laurie

My daughter is 23. She was about 20 when this work was done.

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We were wondering if she was a minor but that doesn't appear to be the case. We talked with Mark Rukavina of The Access Project , and he told us that the insurance company's contract with the doctor may prevent him from seeking payment if he did not submit a claim in a timely manner. Have you asked your insurance company about this? Can you ask them specifically whether participating providers are able to try to collect payment if they didn't submit a bill within a year? It may take a little digging to find this out, but it may be worth it.

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