Oral Deposition and Subpoena Duces Tecum

by Doc
(Houston, TX USA)

I attended the Deposition and produced as much

documentation that I could (the past five years
of utility bills? yeah right) and answered all their questions:

* Do you have any yachts, atvs , Coin, Gun , or
Stamp Collections, etc

* After providing testimony and as much of the evidence
I had on hand, the man taping my testimony said I could leave.

Still they sent me a Notice that they will attempt to collect the debt and that they will attempt to have me declared in Contempt of Court because I didn't (couldn't bring all the complete set of records requested) Didn't comply completely with the Oral Deposition.

My question is...what do I need to do or say when I respond? I understood that I was allowed to have 2 cars and normal possession etc..I have less than a $100K in assets.

Please advise...I live in Houston, Texas



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