Online Gambling Debts

by Andy
(Bozeman Montana )

I screwed up...I need help before i dig myself even deeper. Please Help. I cant even put it into words how grateful i would be. I know its long but i needed to be thorough.
Back Round Info- 20 years old male Debt- Poker Stars $400
Full time college student UB- $100
Part time Job Full Tilt $900
Montana, U.S resident
All deposits made via ECheck (bank account)
Ya pretty bad...I do have a borderline problem and i admit. Im glad for the life lesson tho as i have time to recover. I have always been a local live $1 $2 NL 300 Pot Cap player at a local pub. This doesnt mean to be cocky but i am good and i thought i had a chance and i was breaking even til a rush of outside bills. But I was recommended to try online. There is a few sites like Lock Poker.ect. where i cash out at unreal amounts. I wanted to try all of them. In trouble on 3. I have had past successful transfer on poker stars so cant say its in too bad of standing. For the past 2 months i have been in touch with Pstars rep working reimburessment. I also lost track of how much i lost on FTilt and emailed them with asking how much i owe and they replyed and i replyed back thank you.UB i contacted how much i owe.told me.said thanks.
About a month ago PStars stopped emailing me back even when i tried to contact them?
After i said thank you to Full Tilt, I never got an email back at all...
With UB...Do*&shBags.after i said thank you.Email saying got 7 days to pay or go to collections.Emailed back and offered to set up payments.You think they would give me the benefit of the doubt for taking the initiative to pay but no.Got an email 7 days later saying i was in collections.What does this mean? If i go to collection does that mean it went straight to my credit score? Or does the agency have send it in? Well i called UB and the barely speaking english guy said nothing he can do.its gone.He gave me the number to the Agency and its one in Florida. Called it and got an answer machin.It wasnt professional at all.It was like a home phone answering machine.I left a message with my name and number. That was a month ago and i havent heard from them? What does that mean? I researched and as i under stand it.If i make a motion to pay then they cant turn it into credit bureaus for 100 days. Am i going to get screwed if i dont try again? Continue on UB after next paragraph.
I also stopped recieving emails from Full Tilt and Poker Stars. I have tried to contact poker stars but to no avail. Does this mean they are getting sick of me? Am i one day going to get a letter saying i am in collections and hurt my credit? For Full Tilt i havent heard from them sense i said thank you...If the same thing gonna happen? I wanna be honest and pay back FT and PS. UB...Cant even describe it. I dont want to pay it even if they sold it to a agency.
Now for my research.
Would UB go through all the trouble of harassing me and draggin it on for the small money they would make? As far as i read they wouldnt waste there time to report it to the credit bureaus for small money? Poker Stars i even offered to make interest on the 400 or flat charge for an extension of a couple months to get back so i dont see why they just stopped. FTilt pretty much nothing. No email about paying or anything. Just hasnt talked to me. The reason why i dont want to contact them is because what if they just drop it because they probably made more off my games in rake?
Same thing with PStars? I know its a long shot but how bad could it come back to bite me? All three poker sites were offered to see my doctor bills and student loans and school tuition vs my bank accounts and paychecks. Could i have already been sent to collections for PStars and Full Tilt and not been notified and in 100 days it goes against my credit report? And if it did get sent to collections and i come to an agreement with them.Can i make a contract? I have ideas of it saying stuff like
I, John Doe, will settle for 80%(what % should i try for?) of the total proposed debt by 1/1/11 (whatever date) under circumstances that follow,
Debtor will only be contacted via email.
No reports will be submitted to credit bureaus; reports already place will be retracted.
I dono.I just need to make sure i dont get a credit slam. I have absolutely nothing that be counted as credit before this, so would that mean it cant hurt it? Im guessing it just bad. Also for my EChecks, when i look at the version of the check on my online banking, it is made out to "PSTARS" and full tilt is "FULL TILT".Doesnt that just drop it right there sense banks cant give money to online gambling? I want to thank you so much for reading through this all. You have no idea how much it would better my current life sitution. Please no links. Direct answers for future people in my situation. Thank you!

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Mar 19, 2011
Online Gambling Debts
by: DebtCollection

Andy: Sorry for your problems but glad you are reaching out for help. Although I know nothing about online gambling, I do know that when you owe money to creditors, including online gambling companies, and you don't pay that money, the creditors are likely to take steps to collect what you owe. For example, they may turn your debt over to a collection agency or they may sue you for the money. (Collection agencies also sue consumers for unpaid debts.) In addition, many creditors will report unpaid debts to the credit bureaus.

I recommend that you schedule an appointment with a consumer law attorney who helps consumers resolve problems with debt collectors. The attorney can look at your situation and tell you what to do next. It's also possible, depending on the details of your finances, that you should consider filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will put a temporary stop to the collection actions of your creditors and can also wipe out some debt. Click here for a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.

Finally I urge you to get some help with your gambling problem. Look at what it's already done to your life and your finances! If you do not get help, your problem is likely to become worse and you will probably go from one financial crisis to another. That's not a good way to live. Check out for information about problem gambling and to find a gamblers anonymous chapter near you. Please take my advice.

Jun 14, 2011
by: gambling man

those sites should be taken down they are all set up so theres no why you can win they just take take take and nobody does nothing about it the money all goes overseas . hmm

Jul 23, 2011
Don't pay money to them!
by: Anonymous

If you paid any money to these collection agencies regarding an online gambling debt, check this out:

And if you didn't pay money to them, don't. It's not a legal debt and what they're doing is illegal.

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