Online Contracts

by Renea
(Memphis, TN, US)

Does the debt collector still have an obligation to provide a debt owed in writing if the contract was done online, called a paperless contract, but documentations were signed and it urged the debtor to print documents for their personal files?

What is the statute of limitation for a paperless debt?

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Sep 30, 2010
online loan applications
by: Gerri & Mary


The federal Fair Credit Report Act does not distinguish between debts you obtained online versus debts you obtained in person from a lender. In other words, as long as the debt is a covered debt (personal, not business, for example) then the debt collector is required to
verify the debt upon your request.

In addition, we are not aware of any differences in the statute of limitations for debts you take out online versus debts you apply for a person. What type of debt is this, and what type of problem are you having?

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