OLD Electric Bill

by Charles
(Houston, Texas, USA)

I was just sent a letter in the mail regarding a bill I supposedly owed from 1998 and this collection agency is willing to take half of it for payment. I am pretty sure I paid it; but even if I didn't; isn't that too long for them to be harassing me over a $200 electric bill from when I was in college? I called them and disputed the claim - is there a way to get them from contacting me any more? I have no way of proving I paid it - but I highly doubt they have any proof that I didn't after that long.

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Aug 24, 2010
Paying an old electric bill
by: Gerri

Wow, that is a very old debt. The problem with these old utility bills is that in some states they can deny you service until the bill is paid off. If you went to college in another part of the state or country where the utility company is different, then that's probably not a problem.

If you don't believe you owe the debt, and you're not worried about future service, then you can send the collector a cease contact letter telling them you don't believe you owe the debt, and asking them not to contact you again. We tend to agree with you that it's unlikely they are going to take you to court for such an old, small debt, though we have to warn you it could happen. (Of course, you could go to court and present your side of the story to the judge.)

Before you send this letter, please read our information about using a cease and desist letter to stop a debt collector.

Do let us know what happens here!

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