Old collection account

by Melissa
(Des Moines, Iowa)

Can a older collection account be collected on again when a business changes it's name or is bought out by another company? I received a bill from ERSolutions, Inc. about a bill from Qwest that has changed to Century Link. The letter states it will accept a settlement for 50% of the bill. I do not remember ever receiving a collection letter for this account when it was Qwest and now it is collecting for Century Link. I recently pulled a credit report and I did not see this account listed on it for either business.

I have heard so many fraudulent practices and accounts associated with ERSolutions and I am worried this may be one of those situations. They never leave messages when they call. I have to google the number to find out who it belongs to. I am also worried that not paying them the settlement will bring this account back to the surface on my credit report.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

This debt could be due to a debt buyer purchasing an old debt. That's not uncommon at all. How much is the amount and how old is the debt? If it's not on your credit report then it's probably an old debt that can no longer be reported. In that case, it's probably also outside the statute of limitations and there may not be much they can do to collect.

We recommend you read our page about cease contact letters to see if that applies here.

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