Offer to pay debt refused

by Ronald
(Flanders New Jersey)

If I called to make an atempt to pay a dept but they ask for more then i can pay if i send them what i can aford can they refuse my payment?

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Feb 22, 2011
Payment Offer on Debt Refused

The creditor or debt collector you contacted may accept your payment, but since it's not an amount that the two of you have agreed upon, the creditor or debt collector may continue trying to collect from you and may even sue you for the money you owe.

If you can afford to pay more than your initial offer without jeopardizing your ability to meet all of your most important financial obligations, like your mortgage or rent, utilities, car payments, insurance and the like, I recommend that you consider increasing your offer. The creditor or debt collector may have refused your first offer and demanded a higher payment because it's hoping that you'll agree to pay more, but it may not really expect you to pay the amount it's demanding.

If you reach an agreement with the creditor or debt collector do not make any payments on the agreement until all of the terms of the agreement are in writing. If the creditor or debt collector will not send you a written agreement, draft one yourself, make a copy for your files, and send the original to the creditor or debt collector via certified mail with a return receipt requested so you have proof that it was received.

Good luck!

Feb 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am an elderly man most of my investments are gone i live on ss we can make it if nothing healthwise happens i am i cc debt i spoke to a collector and made a deal i asked for it in writing but the letter was not the deal we had made i called them back and he started to give me lip

i went to a bankrutdy attorney and he said first my house lost most of its equity and i only
have ss coming into the bank he said they may lean the house payment are current so basically
i am judgment proof let them histle so they will harass you somewhat enjoy my life and don't worry

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You did exactly what we would recommend. You met with a bankruptcy attorney to find out what they can and cannot do to collect. Now that you know you are judgment proof that will help you feel less worried when they try to pressure you to pay the debts you can't afford.

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