Notified Of State Of Ct Car Property Tax 10 Years

by Joanne
(Danbury, CT)

I had a car in 2001 in city of Danbury, state of CT. It was totaled in 3 months (before end of 2001). At that time I was a student in NYC, but now I have permanently moved to NYC. In Sept of 2010 I received a bill at my NY address from a collection agency for taxes due to city of Danbury on that vehicle PLUS interest & collection fee. After investigation I found that the city of Danbury had an address which I do not even know of (2 Morris Street, Danbury, CT) My permenant address in CT is (131 Briar Ridge Rd, and still have not changed until this date).
I am more than happy to pay for the taxes and sent out a check for the exact amount I owed for the taxes to the city of Danbury, they handed the check over to the collection agency. The collection agency did not apply that amount to my principle, instead applied it to my interests owed. I am more than happy to pay the taxes, and sent out a payment once I am aware of it. But I will not pay for the interest & collection fee, because I am not liable for it. I paid my taxes once I am aware, and I have never received any letter in the past 9 years, and they have my address completely wrong. Now the collection agency is telling me I MUST PAY FOR THE COLLECTION FEE & INTEREST, OR INTEREST WILL KEEP ON ACCUMULATING.

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Feb 16, 2011
settling old tax debt


This is the type of situation where we would advise consumers to get advice before they pay a penny on one of these debts. Tax debts should be handled carefully, because typically the taxing authorities have more ways to collect than do credit card companies or other consumer lenders.

At this point, you have two choices. One would be to get advice from a tax professional with experience in resolving old tax debts. The other would be to simply pay it and put it behind you. If you do the latter, make sure you keep good records that you paid the debt and hang onto those records for a long time in case it comes up again.

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