Not wanting to pay for shoddy work

by Michelle
(North aurora il)

In october 2015 I asked a landscaper if he would do a small retaining wall for 300.00 as that's all my budget allowed. He said yes....nothing was ever put in writing. He came to do the job. I was going to give him 200 and put the 100 on a credit card. He said he does not take call when I had the remainder and he would pick it up....after he left I noticed he used a couple of bricks that were much darker than the others so I never called him to give him the 100. I don't want to pay for bad work. I feel 200 I gave was he is sending me a bill for 100...since I never got anything in writing and I never signed I have to pay him? This was all verbal. It's his word against mine....

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Jan 06, 2016

by: Gerri E.

You have an ethical and probably a legal obligation to pay the landscaper. After all, he did you the favor of deferring receipt of the other hundred dollars until you had it. He trusted you.

If you are unhappy with the color of a few of the bricks, talk with him about the issue and find out if he has a solution. He may be able to replace them with lighter color bricks. If doing so won't be easy, he may suggest that you pay him less than the $100 you owe him. However, give him a chance to address the problem; don't avoid him and ignore his request for payment. That's not fair.

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