not my correct last name

by Tammy

Received a bill in the mail with my first name and a very similar last name. Gave the collector a call and said this isn't me, never live in that state or ever had a phone in that state, She said what is your S.S # last 4 so I gave it to her and asked her if it was the same as she had on record, of course she said yes. found out from other web sits that they usually don't have a S.S # on file so that's my mistake told her that wasn't my last name just a similar name and she said we had to do all this stuff to file for identity theft and send it in in 20 days or else, or else what. I don't see why I have to prove anything when its not my bill and has never been on my credit report and its 6 years old...What do I do...

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Nov 04, 2013
not my correct last name

If you are totally sure that the debt is not yours, then write a letter to the collector stating that it is not; that your last name is different than the person who actually owes the money; and that you do not want to be contacted about the debt again. Once the collector receives the letter the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act says that she cannot contact you about the debt again other than to confirm that she will cease contact or to make you aware of what she intends to do to collect the money from you -- sue you for example. If the collector continues to contact you after you've sent the letter or if she threatens you with legal action, get in touch with a consumer law attorney in your area immediately. Your initial appointment will probably be free.

Also, be sure to make a copy of the letter for your files and to send the original letter via certified mail with a return receipt requested. The receipt and the copy of your letter will be helpful if the collector continues to try to collect from you.

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