Non Garnishable Earnings

by wilfred
(eugene, or Lane County)

The Plaintiff is a Credit Union

Amount of money owed to Plaintiff is $21,781.00 plus court fees and etc.

We have a summons to appear in court for a voluntary repossession of a travel trailer. We agree we owe the money. I know that if we do not show up in court the Plaintiff would get a judgement against us.

If we have a judgement against me (us) and one income is from SSI and the other is from SS will a judgement allow the Plaintiff to attach those incomes?

These are the only incomes we have.

Thank You

Reply from

Wilfred -

We can't give you legal advice but generally creditors can't garnish Social Security income except for certain types of federal debt.

To be safe, we would encourage you to at least talk with a bankruptcy attorney who can tell you for sure what is safe from creditors. You may have other property that could be at risk if there is a judgment against you so it would be good to get expert advice. You can call a bankruptcy attorney now toll-free at (877) 248-2510.

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