No Business License

by Selva
(San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Allied Interstate does not have license to do business in Puerto Rico. I checked with the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions. I have also checked internet and found a lot of complaints against them. How am I going to risk sending a payment to a compnay with such reputation without the backup from the Commissioner┬┤s of Financial Institutions Office?

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May 27, 2015
Allied is Not a Scam: US DEPT of EDucation collectors
by: William

I called the Us Department of Education today about my student loans because I became disabled. The Dept of ED filed a disability App with me and also gave me the name and number of the collection agency to have them stop calling and let them know I am working with US Dept of ED. Allied customer service rep was extremely polite. she told me they were collecting a debt. she allowed me to speak then she told me they have their own in house disability department and now they will stop calling me everyday several times a day. Because I called and took care of it.

US Department of Education would not give people the company name and number to Allied if they aren't legit. I read all these complaints and stories. some sound very embellished and not accurate. These people are the designated collection company for the US DEPT of ED. In turn tells me all these stories and complaints are from those who don't pay their bills. Grow up and stop lying and blaming others for your faults. you borrowed the money so pay it back. We suffer as a country because people don't pay back the loans.

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