Nco Refused To Give Client Information

by Brenda

We had been receiving messages on our answering machine to return the call concerning debt collection from NCO. No name was left of who this message was for. Last night, a real-live person was on the other end of the phone call. They asked to verify my address which was ok, but then they asked to verify my social security number.

When I explained to the "real-live" person that I do not release my social security number over the telephone unless I know who they represent, I was informed that they couldn't release that information until I verified my social.

See a vicious cycle starting to happen here? Finally, the man (I can't call him a gentleman) hung up after telling me to "never-mind". If I have an account in collections, it's news to me and I don't think I was out of line to ask who they represent before I went any further in talking to them.

Reply from We don't think you are out of line either. You should not give your Social Security number out to someone over the phone when you did not initiate the call. (Reputable companies only as for the last four of your SSN anyway.)

Keep records of their phone calls. If they call again, you can report them to the BBB, FTC and your state attorney general, or contact a consumer law attorney.

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