by Summer

I called them to settle a debt. I called for info on my due balance and the lady on the phone was more worried about telling me how late I was on my bills than to help me know my balance. She was more worried about when I was going to pay then anything. I called to get an address or website where I could send a payment and her response was, "Well its not my fault you cant pay your bills and I dont understand why you cant pay me on the phone right now."

I told her I was just calling to get the amount I owed so that I could tell my husband so we could decide when to pay it and she said" well I don't understand why you have to ask your husband because this is YOUR debt!" I told her that i was going to pay the company that I owed the money to directly and she said, " Well if you do that then we will still show that you owe us and the payment that you send to them will not matter."

Okay, so you owe money and when you go to pay they want to treat you like scum and make you feel like scum for trying to pay your debt off!! Mind you this lady was calling 3 times a day for the last yr!!!!

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