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by Jaclyn
(New Hampshire)

I was told to settle my debt with NCO, by a representative, that day and she would be able to take $100 off of the debt total. So, reluctantly I gave her (Sherrea, (sp) ) my credit card number and she paid off the remaining $500. This was in Ooctober 2009. I have been recently (Mar 2010) contacted by a new debt collector that is saying I still owe the $100 because it was never put in as a settlement! I contacted the same woman from NCO that I made this "deal" with and she said that she took the $100 to reconnect my service. That's NOT what I was told in October. I never wanted my service reconnected and I never reconnected it at all. She said that she was going to send me an email saying that it was settled within 24 hours. My "new" debt collector needed it right then and there. So, I called back NCO and explained that to her. She said there was nothing that SHE could do it was sent to her supervisor. So I asked to talk to her supervisor, went straight to voicemail and it said to go to another person. I couldn't connect to this person so I had to call back and ask to be connected with him. After explaining everything AGAIN I talked to Tim Lesterbeck (sp) and he said he could only fax something to her right away. I said that was GREAT! Let me call her back and get the fax number and I will call you right back! I did that and when I asked to talk to Tim I couldn't get to him and was asked to leave the fax number with the woman who answered the phone and that it would be faxed right away. I waited a few minutes and called back my "nice" debt collector and she said it didn't come yet. So I called back NCO and asked to speak to Tim and, once again, couldn't talk to him but the person who answered, Terrell, gave me the message that it had already been sent over. An hour and 15 minutes later it STILL had not been received! Plus, more than 24 hours later I have YET to receive the email stating the bill was paid. I can't wait to get something from them because if the date is not October 23, 2009 then I WILL be getting a lawyer! I had good credit before dealing with NCO Financial. FYI...If they contact you don't fall for the $100 off bit either. My 2nd debt collector said that I should have been offered $480 off of my $600 bill as a settlement not just $ I am out that money and can't even get them off of my back!!

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May 09, 2011
Feeling like a human yo-yo
by: Anonymous

My NCO financial group agent contacted me to make a payment on my account. He informed me that I only had two weeks to pay off $500. I told him that would not be possible seeing as I only make $300/week, and I could only afford to pay them $50 this week due to Mother's day weekend. He said that was fine, and that he would negotiate with Roger phone company to bring my payment down to $360 total remaining balance, and get back to me on Monday with an answer. Now $50 was payed this past Friday, and I just called my agent today (Monday) for the answer on his request to Rogers, and he said it was not approved for $360, and that I owe $500 on top of the $50 I have already payed. Do they even acctually correspond with the company that sent them the collections request? Am I entitled to see the e-mails between Rogers, and the agent? I would like proof in writing/e-mail/fax of said discussions.

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You are wise to only agree to pay what you can afford. However, the notion that "you must pay $500 in two weeks" just sounds like a tactic to try to get you to pay faster.

What will happen if you don't pay in two weeks? The sky isn't going to fall, and it's not such a huge amount that they would have no choice but to sue you.

It's time to get tough here. Insist on a payment schedule you can afford, and do not pay another penny until you get that in writing. While the collector is not obligated to accept only what you can afford, the reality is they need to work with you and your budget if they are going to get paid.

Please read our the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers so you have at least a basic understanding of your rights here.

Apr 07, 2010
by: Jaclyn

Thank you for the information! If it was only for $100 I wouldn't be so mad....I paid $500!!! Update...she was supposed to email me a paper that said the debt has been cleared....still waiting for it! Plus, they told me that they faxed it to the new debt collector at 4:58pm on Wednesday when they actually didn't do it until 4:00pm on Thursday. Nice, huh!?! Well, hopefully, it has all been cleared up. Just waiting for my email so I can make sure the date is post dated back to October as being paid or else I WILL be getting a lawyer!

Apr 07, 2010
settling with NCO
by: Gerri


Thanks for submitting your debt collection question on our Q&A page.

You must be at your wits end! Unfortunately without something in writing, it's really hard to tell what was agreed when you pay the collector $100. However, if the call was recorded - and it may well have been - then there may be documentation to back up your side of the story.

Unfortunately, I don't think you be able to get that without the help of an attorney. The good news is you may be able to work with an attorney without having to pay anything up front. That's because if the debt collector broke the law, you may be entitled to damages and attorney fees.

We would strongly recommend you talk with a consumer law attorney with experience in debt collection cases. Find out how to get a FREE consultation with a consumer law attorney here.

The other option would be to file a complaint with your state attorney general and the Federal Trade Commission, and copy NCO on your complaint. However, those agencies typically do not get involved in individual consumer disputes. They look for patterns of abuse before they step in.

Please let us know how this turns out for you.

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