NCO Financial Settlement Offer

by Elaine
(Tulsa OK)

I was offered a settlement of $695.00 i gave Mika the dates to take the money on NCO got the big chunk for $535.00 on Dec. I was suppose to have i thought 160.00 left for balance, I was told that she added $100.00 on to the debt cause i didn't have it as schedule.

I've been through so so much and i cant take this pressure I've been in the hospital and had a 11 yr. old niece to die from brain cancer. I got a call from mika today and was told that i needed the full amount now of $1200.00 then she offered a one time settlement of $400.00.

Now if she can make this she can accept $160.00 Wed. to get me out of her hair and mine too. Can I pay the 160.00 Wed. and be through with this debt?

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Apr 04, 2011
settling a debt


If the collection agency is offering to settle the debt for an amount you can afford, we would suggest you take them up on the offer. Just PLEASE get something in writing from them before you pay them stating that this payment will settle the debt in full, then keep good records showing you paid.

Unfortunately, you've already given them permission to take money from your account, which we don't recommend, but at least get something from them in writing before you accept this offer and pay them.

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