NCO Financial Services

by Lyn
( BC Canada)

Long Story Made Short:

I had internet service connected with Provider "A". A storm severed the line and the provider had still not repaired it after 1 wk. I canceled the service. Spoke with Provider "A" and they agreed I should pay for 1 month of service. Problem should have been resolved. However, it was not.

I have now been sent to collections and the NCO Financial Services Agency in question is calling the home of the elderly individual where the internet service was installed for the brief period of time under my name.

I have called NCO Financial more than ten times leaving my direct cell phone number explaining that they must not under any circumstances call the number of the elderly lady they had been calling as she has Alzheimer's disease and suffers from severe anxiety due to invasion of privacy.

They called her several times again today February 25, 2010 telling her I owed them money and they were collecting and asked her if I lived next door. She said told them I didn’t live next door and she told me she thinks she told them I live in her house, which I do not.

She told them a number of times she couldn’t take down a number and they called her back several times trying to leave a number. This only added to her anxiety.

When I arrived at midnight she was shaking and fearful. This is an improvement over the other evening when they called and she had to have a sedative to reduce her anxiety.

I once again called this company and left messages on their general mailbox and on anyone else’s voicemail that I could get through to. I even called the CEO and left the same message

I spoke with Provider "A" again this evening again, and the customer service agent said yes it was in fact Provider "A" whom had sent my bill to collections and they only had a record of my having called on 3 occasions since August of 2009. Thankfully I have my cell phone records to prove this is not the case.

NCO Financial is harassing someone who is elderly, frail and has recently had a brain operation despite having my direct number.

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Feb 26, 2010
debt collection harrassment in Canada
by: Gerri


If this were happening in the U.S., I would definitely recommend you talk with a consumer law attorney. Under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a collector cannot contact a third party about a debt if they know how to locate the debtor.

But I have no idea what laws apply in Canada. The best advice I can give you is to talk with a consumer law attorney in Canada who specializes in this type of law.

Please do let us know what you find out. I'd be interested to learn how your consumer protection laws compare.

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