NCO Financial Robo Calls

NCO Financial is robo-calling my cell phone and leaving automated messages stating to call them back.

There is no information of who they are trying to reach, or what "debt" they are trying to collect.

As this is a cell phone that I use only for emergencies, I have given this cell number to no businesses, and never use it as contact information for ANYTHING. I don't even know the number without having to look it up in the phone myself.

I tried calling the return number, and can't leave a message.

I didn't think it was legal for telemarketers, robo-callers, etc to call cell phones.

Reply from There is definitely some controversy surrounding the issue of when debt collectors can and cannot call cell phones, and what the consumer can do if they have the wrong person.

It sounds like you have identified that the company calling you is NCO. If you are confident the debt is not yours, you may want to send them a certified letter instructing them not to call your cell phone again. Their contact information is on our page about NCO. If the persist, you may need to talk with a consumer law attorney.

Read our page: Debt Collection For the Wrong Person

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