NCO Collectors

by R.
(New York)

I am an employee, I should know how badly they do things....

They do not train their collectors, they hire them "off the street" and sit them with someone for a few days, there is no formal training, no FDCPA policies given to them and they are not told anything about different states' collection policies. They tape the phone calls and also the reps document what they want to, not what the conversation actually was, so if you want to "get" them, subpeona the notes from the collector and the "tape" of the phone call made. Keep a record of day/date and the collector's name, their supervisor's name, they have to tell you that.

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Apr 01, 2010
by: Jackie

Thank you for the information. It will definitely help me if I have to go after them for my credit that they are destroying because of their lack of training their "collectors"!

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