national attorneys services

by stacy
(susanville ca)

This company has sent text messages to our phones, so i responded. I spoke with a couple rude girls who would not let me speak and when trying to get a postal mailing address to send a letter disputibg the validity of the debt i was told NONE was available!! However a fax number was.

Furthermore the supervisor Lisa Hart said to obtain validity it was MY responsibility to contact the ORIGINAL creditor ..of which they did not know. To get the original contract..stating i had only u til the 20th of April 2012 to settle..7 days..they hung up on me twice and said they would see me in court...

I live in the state of CA and we have decent debt recovery laws and THIS specific office did not adhere to any of them.. Also they represent thenselves as LAWYERS and with further investigation they in fact are not.. AWFUL DEBT RECOVERY PRACTICES AND HIGHLY ILLEGAL.


You are right. California has additional consumer protection laws. Under both federal and California laws collectors must send you written verification of the debt. That is not optional. So any collector that won't is either flouting the law or a scam.

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